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Oct 28, 2015
Update: Elections at the AGM Officers elected at the 2015 AGM:- President: Alphonso Franco- First Vice-President: Kulvir Sidhu- Second Vice-President: Gurmit Sandhu- Secretary: Jim Wenman- Treasurer: Peter Machin Minutes to follow.     The 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is to be held on Wednesday, October 28, 2015, at the Fred Maurice Pavilion in Beacon Hill Park, commencing at 7.00pm.   Please encourage all VDCA and club members to attend, and to arrive early if possible.
VDCA Division I Playoffs
Sep 13, 2015
Update: Albion take their second Cup for 2015 (scorecard) Albion 195/8 (45o; V.Chanawaria 52; K.Sidhu 3/31) defeated Islanders 150 (37.1o; J.Gill 34; L.Ablish 2/27) by 45 runs Albion will face BCMCL Champions Newton-Surrey next weekend (date and venue TBD).
Midweek Playoffs
Sep 02, 2015
UPDATE: Congratulations Pig's Trotters! FINAL SCORECARD Come down to Beacon Hill for some exciting 12-over cricket.
Victoria vs Vancouver @ BHP
Aug 13, 2015
Come watch some of the Division I cricketers take on the top players from Vancouver in a inter-city match-up!
Midweek Selects vs ACF Edmonton
Aug 03, 2015
Come celebrate BC Day down at Beacon Hill Park and see the best of the Midweek take on touring side ACF Edmonton! The thirty over match starts at 11:00am!
Pig's Trotters Win the Midweek Regular Season Billingham Bowl!
Jul 23, 2015
Congratulations to the Pig's Trotters for their sucess, having lost only one match through their <A HREF="http://www.vdca.ca/team_standings.php?team_id=998&match_id=&season_id=8119&division_id=&conference_id=">regular season</A>.
President's XI vs V-Presidents' XI
Jun 23, 2015
2015 Midweek Six Aside Festival
Jun 19, 2015
Come down to Beacon Hill on Saturday and join the Festivities!
2015 BC Big Bash
Jun 18, 2015
Come support our local cricketers in Vancouver!
May 13, 2015
Please find the attached schedule for the VDCA T20 tournament this coming long weekend Schedule. Also find the attached rules of Playing conditions.
Need Cricket Gear?
Apr 24, 2015
If you are looking for some good quaility gear from a local source please contact Al@ dynamicsports@shaw.ca . Also check their website out here: Dynamic Sports Online.    
Canadian Cricket - University of Victoria
Apr 09, 2015
University of Victoria's Martlet ran a story on Victoria Cricket! Have a read here: http://www.martlet.ca/sports-lifestyle/something-wicket-this-way-comes-2/
Sep 18, 2014
Saanich CC vs Meralomas CC Vancouver on Saturday Sep 20th at Beacon Hill Park A 45 overs match Start 12:00 pm. Break 3:00 to 3:30pm. End of Match 6:30 pm.   Refreshments will be available in the pavilion.   Team List From Saanich CC: 1. Dushyant Kohli (C)2. Paramdeep Singh (VC)3. Vatsal Shah4. Gaurav Kumar5. Love Ablish6. Vikram Bawa7. Dabeer Ahmed8. Harris Ahmed9. Buhran Khan10. Samad Khan11. Raj Saini12. Punnet Puri13. Dhwani Mistry14. Hummair AhmedTeam List from Meraloma CC: 1. Anthony Holloway2. Daniel Brennan3. Teece Camporeale4. Jason Sandher5. Ben Hastie6. David McGowan7. Lee Edwards8. Nathan Owen9. Worrin Williams10.Cavan Ditchmen (C)11.Iain Dixon
Sep 17, 2014
Intercity: VDCA - BCMCL  on Sunday Sep 21st at Upper Brockton, Vancouver Start 12 noon.   Victoria Squad for the game:      Matt Baldwin  Paramdeep  Love Ablish  Kulvir Sidhu  Rahim Hassaan  Siam  Dushyant Kohli  Vatsal  Tejwant Mann  Nagy Thomas  Sweetpal Singh  Ravi Bachhal Team Manger: Kuljeet Nagra  
Sep 16, 2014
Final: Saanich defeated UTD Victoria on Sept 13th at BH Scorecard   Semi Final 2: UTD Victoria defeated Albion on Sept 7th at BH Scorecard   Semi Final 1: Saanich won by walkover Island CC on Sept 6th at BH
Level: Div I - Weekend League, Tournament: 2015 Division I League, Round: Preliminary, Division 1,