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2020 Insurance Coverage Details - VDCA - CGL, D&O

Important Note (to be shared to ALL the VDCA Members):

For CGL – Regular Players Claim


- Policy Number for claims submission – TS191015

- Email to send the claim –  & A claim can initially be phoned in, but notice of the claim must be made in writing (email is fine) within 30 days. Within 90 days, proof of the claim needs to be submitted for processing of payment.

- Please let the player know that the filled form should be send it through their club Secretary / President to Cricket BC secretary's attention (, so that to facilitate the process without any further delay.

- All Players need to have underlying BC Medical Coverage. If they do not (eg: Foreign / Visitor players), then it is important that they have their own travel medical insurance policy, as this policy is not able to cover them. If an insurance policy is required after arrival in Canada, a player is able to contact their local insurance broker for a ‘Visitors to Canada’ insurance policy, which would cover the remaining duration of their stay.

- Car damages to the cricket players are not covered under this Insurance.

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