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1.Annual Club Dues

Annual club dues (as specified at the Annual General meeting of the VDCA) are required to be paid to the VDCA prior to commencement of the season, ie, before the first round of league matches. Failure to make full payment by June 15 of the applicable season may result in disciplinary action against that club.


2. Player Registration

(a)  All players must be registered with a member club of the VDCA in order to participate in any match played under the jurisdiction or auspices of the VDCA.

(b)  It is the responsibility of the clubs to provide to the VDCA with a completed Player Transfer Forms (as prescribed each year by the VDCA)  and the associated registration payment for each player prior to that player’s participation in any VDCA event.

3. Transfer of Player Registration

  1. A player wishing to transfer his / her player registration from one club to another after the season has commenced shall only be allowed to do so within 30 days after the scheduled date of the start of the applicable season.

  2. A player wishing to transfer his / her player registration shall be required to have completed a Player Registration Transfer Form and submitted same to the Secretary of the VDCA. The applicable forms are available on the VDCA website (Player Transfer Forms) and shall only be valid by confirmed receipt by the Secretary of the VDCA within the ‘30 day’ regulation referred to in point 3(a) above.

  3. The fee for a player transfer request is $25 per player payable to the VDCA. The payment of the specified fee must be made to the Treasurer of the VDCA at the same time as the appropriately completed Player Registration Transfer Form in order for the required checks to be conducted regarding the eligibility of transferring players

  4. A transferred player becomes eligible to play for his / her new club fourteen days after last being eligible to play for his / her previous club, ie, at least one week of league matches shall be missed.

  5. If a player is serving any suspension applied by the VDCA whilst wishing to transfer his / her player registration to another club, the registration qualifying period referred to in point 3(d) above shall commence fourteen days from the date of the end of such a suspension.

  6. Players requesting a player registration transfer must have discharged all their financial obligations to their former club and to the VDCA before the registration qualifying period can commence.

4. Suspected possible breaches

  1. Anyone wishing to report a suspected possible breach of these registration regulations should do so in writing to the Secretary of the VDCA. The suspected possible breach shall be referred to the Chairperson of the VDCA’s Disciplinary Committee for consideration in line with these regulations and the VDCA’s Code of Conduct.

  2. Any team found to have fielded an ineligible player shall be deemed to have lost the applicable match and, as a consequence, shall gain no points from that match. Accordingly, the maximum points for a win shall be awarded to the opposing side in the applicable match.

  3. In addition to the penalties referred to in point 4(b) above, the VDCA’s Disciplinary Committee shall have the power to apply further sanctions on any club found to have breached these registration regulations.

  4. Any appeal to the penalties / sanctions applied under these registration regulations shall be processed in accordance with the VDCA’s Code of Conduct.

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