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Pavilion Society

On 29th May 1992 twelve people met at the Pavilion resulting in the formation of the Beacon Hill Pavilion Society. It was agreed that the Society's objective would be "to provide a social lunch roughly once a month with hopefully some small profit resulting which will be used for the improvement of Pavilion facilities" Since that time several hundred lunches have been held and membership has grown to a capacity of sixty people. Monthly attendance is normally close to forty, which is as many as can be seated comfortably.


The Society has few rules but does insist that members are suitably dressed, cell phones are turned off and business is not discussed. It is surprising, in this day and age, that any organisation can function quite happily without the succession of meetings, formation of committees, etc., that are apparently so vital to modern management, but the Society manages to avoid these things. The "small profit resulting" over the years now tallies in excess of $70,000 and has been used exclusively for the betterment of the Pavilion. Expenditures covered include renovations, repairs, and painting, purchase of electrical appliances, furnishings, china, cutlery, and many other small items, resulting in what could well be the best cricket facility in Canada. The Society does not expect anything in return but it is clear that if these costs had not been covered they would have to have been met from club and players dues so to this extent the Society has helped subsidise the continuation of cricket in Victoria. We must respect and look after this unique facility.

For more information contact: Pat Ely, 250-544-4375


Last updated: 28 October 2010

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