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VDCA Six-a Side Match Conditions

The following playing conditions shall apply to all Six-a-Side matches played under the administration of the Victoria and District Cricket Association (VDCA).

Except as varied hereunder, the Laws of Cricket (2000 Code 5th Edition - 2013) shall apply. 
Except as varied hereunder, the VDCA Division I - Weekend League Match Conditions shall apply.

  1. The pitch.
    The standard size and markings shall be used except that:

    1. There will be lines marked on either side of the wicket at thirty inches (30”) and fifteen inches (15”) from the centre stump, and;

    2. A line will be marked ten yards (30’) behind each wicket.

  2. Balls
    Match balls will be supplied by the Committee.

  3. Teams
    Teams shall consist of six (6) Players.

  4. Batting Side
    The batting side shall bat until the last man is out providing that the fielding side has not finished its allotted ten (10) overs.

  5. Fielding Side
    The fielding side shall bowl ten (10) six-ball overs. Each Player (except the Wicket-keeper) shall bowl two (2) overs, and these may not be consecutive. The Wicket-keeper must wear pads and gloves, and may not be changed during the game except in case of injury.

  6. Bowlers
    The Bowler’s run-up shall be limited to ten yards (30’).

  7. Wides
    Any ball passing the wicket outside the 30” line on the off-side or outside the 15” line on the leg-side shall be counted as a Wide. A penalty of four (4) runs shall be added to the batting side’s score and an extra ball shall be included in the over. The ball will be considered “dead” after the call of “Wide” – the Batsman cannot be out and only 4 runs will be awarded. Note: This rule shall apply even when the Striker plays at and misses the ball, even if by moving from his guard he has brought the ball within reach. Only if the ball is actually hit (or contacted) by the Striker shall a Wide not be signaled.

  8. No-balls
    A No Ball shall count as 4 runs to the batting side and an extra ball shall be bowled. Runs scored from a No Ball (off the bat, Byes or Leg Byes) will be credited, in addition to the 4 runs for the No Ball.

    1. The normal rules will apply to the call of “No Ball”. If, after delivery, the ball is then considered Wide, the call of “No Ball” takes precedence and the ball remains live.

    2. Any ball which, after bouncing, passes the Batsman above shoulder height in his normal stance, or would have passed him above shoulder height if it strikes the Batsman’s bat or body, shall be called a “No Ball” by either Umpire.

    3. Any ball which, having not bounced after leaving the Bowler’s hand, passes the Batsman above waist height, or would have passed him above waist height if it had not struck the Batsman’s bat or body, shall be called a “No Ball” by either Umpire.

  9. L.B.W.
    Appeals for L.B.W will be frowned upon.

  10. Results
    The Team which scores the most runs in a Match shall be the winner. In the event of equal runs the winner will be the Team losing the fewer number of wickets. If runs and wickets are equal, the Match will be considered a tie and result points will be split between the Teams.

  11. Points Scoring System
    Two (2) points will be awarded to the Team winning a Match. One (1) point will be awarded to each Team in tied or abandoned Matches.

  12. Round Robin Results
    Places will be decided as follows:

    1. The Team with the most points;

    2. If two Teams are tied, the winner of the Match between those two Teams;

    3. If three or more Teams are tied, the Team with the most runs per wicket in all Round Robin Matches.

  13. Captains
    One Player from each team will act as Captain for the duration of the tournament, even though he may not necessarily play in each Match. Captain’s responsibilities will be:

    1. Nominating six (6) Players for every Match of the Team;

    2. Ensuring Scorekeepers are informed of batting and bowling orders;

    3. Time keeping;

    4. Conduct of his Team;

    5. Acting on the Team’s behalf in the case of disputes.

  14. Time Keeping
    Teams shall be ready to take the field of play when called. Captains should conduct the toss prior to the conclusion of the Match immediately preceding theirs and have Batsmen / Wicket-keeper suitably attired to take the field as soon as that preceding Match is completed. After the fall of a wicket, the incoming Batsman must immediately cross on to the field of play.

  15. Unreasonable Behaviour
    Decisions by the Umpires on the field of play, and the adjudicator in other matters, are final. Any Player showing unreasonable dissent in the opinion of the Umpire/s or adjudicator shall be disqualified from further play in the Tournament following due and fair warning from the said official/s.

  16. Disputes
    The Organizing Committee shall have full power to settle any dispute which may arise during the course of the Festival. Their decision will be final. The Organizing Committee also reserves the right to amend the Rules at any time if it considers such action to be in the best interests of the Tournament.

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