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VDCA April Pre-season T20 Match Conditions

  1. Twenty (20) overs per innings, to be finished in 80 minutes.

    1. For the team fielding first, every four (4) minutes in excess of the allowed 80 minutes to complete the innings will result in that team having one (1) over deducted from their batting innings.

    2. For the team fielding second, every four (4) minutes in excess of the allowed 80 minutes to complete the innings will result in a ten (10) run penalty awarded to the batting team

  2. An incoming batsman has 90 seconds after a dismissal to arrive at the crease.

  3. The innings break will be no longer than ten (10) minutes.

  4. No drinks break will be taken during the innings.

  5. Bowlers are restricted to a maximum of one-fifth of the total overs (e.g. four (4) overs in a 20-over innings).

  6. No Ball: any foot violation resulting in a No Ball will entitle the batsman to a Free Hit on the following ball. Field settings may not be changed for the Free Hit delivery. Any illegal delivery (a Wide Ball or any No Ball) on a Free Hit will result in the following delivery also being a Free Hit. For purposes of dismissing a batsman, a Free Hit is to be treated as a No Ball - e.g. can not be bowled, caught, lbw, etc., but can be run out.

  7. Wide Ball: Weekend League rule applies; one (1) run awarded to batting team and ball not to count as one of the over.

  8. A completed match shall require a minimum of five (5) overs bowled per innings.

  9. In case of tie or incomplete game, a Super Over will determine a winner:

    1. A maximum of three (3) nominated batsmen from either team will face an over of six (6) legal deliveries from one (1) bowler of the opposing team.

    2. The team scoring the higher number of runs from their Super Over will be awarded a win for the match.

    3. If scores from the Super Over are tied, the win will be awarded by count-back as follows:

      1. to the team having scored the higher combined number of boundaries during their two completed batting innings;

      2. to the team having scored the higher number of boundaries during only their regular batting innings;

      3. to the team having scored the most runs from the last ball of their respective batting innings, counting back as far from the last ball of the Super Over as is necessary to determine a winner.

      4. All other VDCA Division I: Weekend League rules apply.

      PowerPlay rules:


      • Infringement of any fielding restriction will cause the square leg umpire to call and signal "No Ball".

      1. There will be only one, mandatory block of PowerPlay Overs (see table below)

        Overs in InningsPowerPlay

        19-20   Overs 1 to 6

        15-18 Overs 1 to 5

        12-14 Overs 1 to 4

        9-11   Overs 1 to 3

        5-8     Overs 1 and 2

      2. A maximum of two (2) fielders shall be permitted outside this fielding restriction area during the PowerPlay Overs at the instant of delivery. No close catchers are required in PowerPlay Overs.

      3. During the non-PowerPlay Overs, no more than five (5) fielders shall be permitted outside the fielding restriction area referred.

      4. At the instant of delivery, there may not be more than five (5) fielders on the leg side during non-PowerPlay Overs.

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