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Pre-season Workshop

2019 – Preseason Meeting/Workshop – Wednesday, April 24, 6.45 PM, at BHP

This is the most important meeting for all the VDCA stakeholders. Please note this meeting is open to all and is strongly recommended for players, captains, umpires to attend. The meeting is not just for captains as it is believed by many.

This meeting sets the tone for our new season which starts on April 27th. There will be a Power Point presentation on: our successful 2018 season, what is new in 2019 season, details on the launch of a new VDCA website, Match ball distribution, VDCA specific umpiring refresher (including, sample Match reports, sample Umpire Evaluation Forms, VISCUS registration Forms, player registration forms, etc), and updates on disciplinary committee.

You will have ample opportunity to ask questions, give input, and contribute to get our new season started.

Let us address our ideas and concerns now rather than leaving it until the season starts and then feeling frustrated.

A successful and enjoyable VDCA cricket season depends on all of us and not just on the volunteer VDCA Executive members.

The meeting duration is expected to be about 2 –hours.

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