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Amended Playing Conditions

The executive polled all the VDCA clubs to determine how many BCMCL players should be allowed to play in Victoria this year in light of their league being cancelled. Eight clubs voted for zero and two clubs voted for two BCMCL players per VDCA weekend match. This consensus amongst clubs has determined what the executive already had in mind and therefor the VDCA will continue to not allow players registered in any Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Sascatchewan and Manitoba) Cricket League to play in Victoria. The minor change to the previous rule will be that the 2020 VDCA restriction applies to players registered in the BCMCL in the 2019 season, without exception for any player. This restriction is in light of the recent decision to officially cancel the 2020 BCMCL season.

We realize it is not ideal to change playing conditions after a season has started, but with the reasoning and consensus from clubs and the executive we feel it appropriate in this case. The restriction is in immediate effect for the 2020 season.

Thank you everyone for understanding. 


The Executive Members of the VDCA

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