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2022 VDCA Playoffs Begin!

The post season for 2022 season begins tomorrow at Beacon Hill Park!

The draws are set and the tables can be found here for division 1 & here for division 2 rankings. All matches will be played at Beacon Hill.

The playoffs will kick off on Saturday with 2022 Colonist Cup Champions Albion CC (1st seed) taking on newcomers Langford CC (4th seed). Sunday will then see Islanders CC (2nd seed) compete against Metchosin CC (3rd seed). The final will take place on September 10th.

Division 2 - Midweek League will then take place on Monday with UVIC Midweek (2nd seed) taking on MCC (3rd seed) in the Tier 1 playoff to see who takes on Broncos (1st seed) on Wednesday for the Knockout Cup. Tier 2 will see Kerala CC (10th seed) taking on Stonewallers CC (11th seed) to find out who will take on Fulham CC (9th seed) on Thursday for the coveted Scutt Plate.

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